Knowing Your Neighbor: Fairchild Equipment

A new business has come to Duluth

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s a company specializing in forklifts and other warehouse supplies, and Fairchild Equipment now has a location in Duluth.

Fairchild Equipment provides warehouse equipment, forklift rental and forklift parts. Now with a new brick and mortar location here in Duluth, hard to find parts are easier to locate.

“A big forklift like this, if it breaks down it’s pretty tough to repair some of the big parts out in the field so know we have somewhere we can physically bring equipment, work on it safely, work on it properly”, said Chad Fairchild, CEO of Fairchild Equipment.

This is the company’s tenth location and Fairchild leaders say high level customers communication has been the biggest takeaway fueling this growth.

“If we aren’t doing something right for you, something breaks, something isn’t up to your expectations, as long as you let us know what the problem is we will fix that problem and we will make sure you are able to get your job done”, said Fairchild.

Fairchild has a goal of making everyone a long term customer.

“We want you to know you are a customer for life, we want this to be a lifetime relationship. We aren’t here just to sell you something once. We are here to service you and to help you get your job done as best you possibly can”, said Fairchild.

Not only is this the opening for Fairchild in Duluth, it’s also the beginning of a partnership between Heater Rental Services and Fairchild Equipment.

“HRS was here a year before we kind of started going down that road and it really was a pretty natural marriage of that relationship”, said Fairchild.

As for what is next, Fairchild says he hopes this is just the start of a lengthy relationship between the two.

Fairchild equipment is located at 2817 West Superior Street in Lincoln Park and is open weekdays 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

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