Duluth Spends Hottest Day of the Year Outside

Many in the city are out doing various summer activities to keep cool and enjoy the sun.

DULUTH, Minn.- No, you weren’t seeing things. It really hit the 80s here in the Northland.

“Today has really kind of been the first perfect summer day,” said Sandy Kolasinski, General Manager of Little Angie’s Cantina and Grill.

“We just really see an influx of people coming down here so it’s great.”

The patio at Little Angie’s was buzzing with people enjoying their lunch with a side of sunshine.

“It’s right in the center of Canal Park, it’s the best place to come people watch or just to kind of enjoy the weather and kind of be in the center of everything that happens in Canal Park so it’s a great spot,” Kolasinski said.

The weather was great for busy businesses, and small businesses, like Milaina and Zaida Hansen’s Lemonade Stand up the hill.

“We’ve been asking our mom for a very long time ‘can we have a lemonade stand, can we please have a lemonade stand?’,” Milaina said.

Their cousins started the stand in the morning, and the sisters took it over later on, with their Grandma’s help.¬†Though, according to Zaida, “not much” of her help.

Their homemade signs entice drivers on 19th Avenue to pull over for a refreshing drink, only 50 cents a cup.

“It’s a great way like to make some money if you’re like trying to save up for something or anything and 2 it’s just kind of fun to get out and make some lemonade,” said Milaina.

“Mostly fun,” replied Zaida.

Of course, you can’t enjoy summer in the Twin Ports without stopping at the beach. And you’re never too young to enjoy Lake Superior.

“It’s our first trip with our 10-month-old over here, Jake,” said Jacob Terwey. “That’s our reason for being here, that and the hot weather of course.”

“He’s a water baby, he likes the water. He freaked out though when we dipped his feet in the cool water but he likes the sights the sounds, all that good stuff.”

Young Jake isn’t alone in being wary of the water. No matter how hot it gets on land, Lake Superior remains icy cold.

“The feet got numb in the lake there for a bit. I don’t know how these hardy kids are swimming around so easily,” Terwey said, pointing at some kids running through the water with a bucket, and some teenagers wading farther out.

It’s clear that the hot weather is a gift to many.

“It’s great to see the tourists,” Kolasinski said. “It’s great to have the locals come down to Canal Park and really get to enjoy something really great about our city that maybe they don’t remember to come down in the winter, but in the summer it really brings people out and it’s great to see.”

For others, it’s an opportunity to help out those who can’t play hooky.

“If they have to do like an outside job like my mom has to walk dogs outside and stuff, so people get really hot and they just want some ice cold iced tea and lemonade,” Milaina said.

But one thing’s for sure, it seems like everybody is celebrating it.

“It feels like a communal thing when you’re out here ’cause there is that ‘oh it’s finally nice enough in Duluth’ type of thing,” Terwey said. “It’s like an event without being spoken as such? I guess?”

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