Volunteers Paint Murals at Duluth Hillside Crosswalks

DULUTH, Minn. – This summer, Zeitgeist is teaming up with a local artist to design murals for crosswalks at various Duluth Hillside intersections.

A few volunteers painted the first mural of the project at 8th avenue east and 10th street.

The project is geared to attract more attention to crosswalks to promote pedestrian and bike safety in local neighborhoods.

The design ideas came from doing some canvassing in the community to find out what made the neighborhood special.

The artist, who designed the mural, grew up on the Fond–Du– Lac Reservation, which is reflected in her design at the crosswalk.

“It’s been really cool for me to design stuff that incorporates past stories, present stories. It shows that they can exist together instead of separate,” said Moira Villiard.

Another mural will also be painted on July 20th at 15th Avenue East and 6th Street.

If anyone is interested in volunteering email Vaughn Birchler at vaughn@zeitgeistarts.com

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