Cloquet Offering Incentives For New Brewery Or Cidery

Cloquet is looking to add a brewery or cidery to its cities West End District

CLOQUET, Minn.- One Northland community would like to add a brewery or cidery to their town, and that city is offering financial incentives for someone to make that happen.

Small towns across the Northland have felt the financial impact of breweries and now the City of Cloquet is looking to add one to its cities West End District.

Cloquet is offering $10,000 in grant financing money, along with an extra $165,000 in gap financing loans to help start the business. The goal is to bring yet another popular attraction to the area.

“We are for a catalyst project to come in to our West End Historic District. To be that piece that gets more activity, vibrancy and stimulation into this district”, said Holly Hansen, Community Development Director for the City of Cloquet.

City leaders are looking for detailed proposal on what the brewery or cidery could bring to the community, along with how this new establishment would help start new traditions and bring the west end of town together.

“I think it provides a lot of unique opportunities. For a lot of people it’s a social gathering so they will come and have a beverage, visit with their friends”, said Ross Peterson, President of Cloquet EDA.

As for why a brewery hasn’t come to Cloquet so far, that remain unknown, but officials are hopeful the added incentives will convince the right owner to give it a try.

“Just use the Moose Lake Brewery as an example. We had some people from that community that were interesting in establishing it. They were from that area. Maybe we will be lucky to have some folks from the Cloquet area that would want to do that”, said Peterson.

Proposal requests are due by August 31st. For more information, click here.

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