Monster Trucks Rip Through Proctor Speedway

The Monster Truck Racing League stops in Proctor.

PROCTOR, Minn.- Monster trucks ripped through proctor speedway for the first night of car–crashing, earth shaking excitement.

Drivers in the monster truck racing league sped through mud, popped wheelies and caught big air at the show.

Before that, fans could meet the drivers and catch a ride of their own in the back of a monster truck.

One driver, who goes by ‘Get Er Done’ on the track, said the best part about monster trucks isn’t being in the car.

“I think the best part of monster truck shows is meeting all these kids, signing autographs and showing them what monster trucks are all about, kids being happy and enjoying their life. As long as you follow your dreams you can accomplish anything you want, i’m just here to prove it for the younger generation,” Brandon “Get Er Done” Tulachka said.

Fans at the race came in all shapes and sizes.

5–year–old Zachary Miller is a huge monster truck fan.

“They smash over cars. They have big wheels and they’re big,” Miller commented on what he loves about the trucks.

Monster trucks will continue racing through Proctor Speedway Saturday. The next stop on the league’s tour is in Michigan, then off to Canada.

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