Pattison Park Receives Aid Help To Help Flooding Recovery

$1.05 million is coming to Pattison Park from the Wisconsin State Building Commission

SUPERIOR, Wis.- More than a million dollars in state aid is coming to help repair a Wisconsin State Park. Trails and structures at Pattison State Park were heavily damaged by flooding last fall, and the parks popular beach also remains closed.

We got a first hand look at all the damage last years Father’s Day flood left behind at Pattison State Park.

Relief is on the way though. The Wisconsin State Building Commission recently announced $1.05 million dollars in funding to repair and relocate washed out portions of the trails.

The trails have been closed ever since the flooding and park leaders are reminding visitors to stay patient while repairs are being made.

“We want to make sure that our visitors are safe, and so we ask for people patience as locally, me and my staff are doing everything we can to make sure this situation is on the front burner to those in Madison”, said Kevin Fiend, Natural Resource Property Supervisor for Pattison Park.

Not only are the trails closed, the beach is also still closed because the nearby dam remains offline. The beach closure is causing a major impact on Pattison attendance so far this summer.

“We have had several of our camping reservations reduced from people staying three or four days to one or two days because they nearly don’t have as many things to do here”, said Fiend.

One reason the repairs here are such a priority is because Pattison will be celebrating something special next year.

“Really, the driving force right now is next year is our centennial. So Pattison becomes one hundred years old next year and that’s really why we have been pushing to get them fixed as soon as possible”, said Fiend.

Fema funds is also expected to help pay for the repair project and a lot of the construction will likely start this fall and take a year to finish.

As for the beach reopening, it is still unclear when the beach will be back open for swimmers.

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