The Breezy Point 5k Raises Record Breaking Amount to Donate to MN Teen Challenge

The 11th annual Breezy Point 5k breaks $40k raised

DULUTH, Minn- Almost 400 racers ran, walked and rode their bikes down Island Lake for the 11th annual Breezy Point 5k.

In it’s 11th year, the Breezy Point 5k raised a record breaking $40 thousand for the Duluth Teen Challenge.

“Teen Challenge saves people’s lives. They take you from the pits of addiction and they introduce you to God,” a 5k racer named Curtis said.

Curtis is 22 months sober thanks to Teen Challenge.

“I was running for my daughter, Michelle. On June 6 of 2019 she passed away from an overdose,” Curtis said.

He remembers the father daughter dance that he was given a pink tie to wear to match his daughter. He wore that tie during the race.

“I’m not really a fan of wearing pink, but you love your daughters. That was the last day i was able to spend with Michelle. The last day I seen her alive,” he said.

Stevie Paulson puts the race on every year.

“Sometimes the race is overwhelming for me because it’s a lot of work. This race take months to plan and put on, but when I hear Curtis and him tell me his testimony, I say, ‘I gotta keep doing it,'” Paulson said.

Paulson lost his brother to drugs and alcohol. That’s one of the reason’s he donates the money raised to Teen Challenge.

“If I can help save a life by this great program, that’s where my money’s going to go. Because I believe that if he were to have the opportunity to go to teen challenge, he’d be here today,” Paulson said.

He thinks the Breezy Point 5k is a metaphor for the people running it.

“The thing is, for these guys that have this addiction, the finish line is always in front of them because it’s a daily battle,” Paulson said.

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