Duluth Comes Outside After Violent Storms

Enger Park bustling with people enjoying sun and nature.

DULUTH, Minn.- After the storms moved out of the area Sunday morning, the weather turned out pretty nice.

Enger Park was full of people enjoying the look of the landscape, the views from the Tower, and the temps from the Sun.

This is after storms whipped through the area, whipping lightning, wind, rain and even some hail across the sky in the early hours of the morning.

One man at Enger Park rode out the storm in a tent,

“Woke up pretty late to my tent kinda getting shifted around by the wind and the rain and everything that was going on last night in Duluth,” said Evan Nicholls.

“And then I started thinking about the lightning was getting too shifty.”

Nicholls was trying out camping before taking out his baby boy, John Riley, out later. Though last night, John was snuggled up inside before the storms woke him up.

“He was sleeping,” Nicholls said, as John squirmed and vocalized. “Oh, you didn’t like it did ya bud?”

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