Meet the Huskies: Tyler Lozano

Lozano is a rising sophomore catcher out of the University of Southern California.

DULUTH, Minn. – Tyler Lozano is a rising sophomore at the University of Southern California who is a catcher for the Duluth Huskies.

He is excited to be in the Northwoods League to see how he plays against the country’s other elite players.

“Definitely just playing with a good group of guys who are all DI definitely who I am going to be playing against and kind of see how I stack up with all of everyone else here in the Northwoods with great competition for sure,” said Lozano.

Summer leagues like the Northwoods bring together players who do not know each other from all around the country.

Players have to work to bond and become true teammates over the course of the season.

“After games if we are not going back to our host family we go and eat together kind of just bond. So on the field we play together it’s a little competition. But off the field we are becoming brothers and that’s the best thing,” said Lozano.

Lozano’s host family has hosted many other Huskies over the years and he’s grateful to be able to go home each night to such a supportive family.

“They’re always there, they’re just like parents to me when I come home from a bad game or a good game they’re always there to congratulate me or cheer me up. There’s three little boys so it’s good waking up and being able to go out there and play baseball with them or play catch with them so it’s great to have little kids and kind of cherish the moment,” says Lozano.

Ultimately, summer leagues are there to teach the elite players how to be even better, a lesson Lozano is learning every day.

“Be a leader and that’s the biggest thing right here as summer ball is to be a leader and bring that to Southern California next year,” says Lozano.

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