Proper American Flag Disposal

The Richard I. Bong center can help anyone disposing of a flag with the proper ceremony.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – American flags do not last forever and sometimes they become weathered and tattered.

When this happens there is a specific and respectful way to dispose of flags to avoid throwing them in the garbage.

The Richard I. Bong Veteran’s Center in Superior has an old mailbox just inside their doors.

The mailbox has been repurposed to take any flags that have reached the end of their lives.

The center then respectfully burns the flags in a special incineration ceremony.

“You place the flag in the fire and then you do it patriotically and you say the pledge of allegiance you sing the national anthem and then you salute it by putting your hand over your chest that’s what it is you want the flag to completely disintegrate,” said Bong Center Executive Director Hayes Scriven.

The Bong Center is also starting a program to respectfully fly and dispose of funeral flags that family members do not want any longer.

“We will perform a flag of remembrance ceremony, we do that every Friday now anyway we read off the veterans name, the flag will fly for a week and we will dispose of it after that,” said Scriven.

The Bong Center also stresses remembering other rules for flags over the Fourth of July period such as not letting them drag on the ground and not wearing them as clothing.


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