Superior Mayor Paine Confirms Relationship With Councilor Van Sickle

SUPERIOR, Wis. – For the first time publicly, Superior Mayor Jim Paine says he is in a relationship with Councilor Jenny Van Sickle.

This comes after a FOX 21 report three months ago about that relationship when Paine endorsed Van Sickle for re-election — something that got critical reaction from some fellow councilors.

Paine would not confirm or deny the relationship at that time.

The confirmation Monday happened in an article by the Superior Telegram.

The topic came up after Paine vetoed a censure vote against Van Sickle involving her negative social media posts about City Attorney Frog Prell.

Paine told the paper he checked in advance to make sure there would be no conflict of interest with the veto involving Van Sickle’s posts.

He has also said those posts are not a crime and fall under her First Amendment rights.

Close relationships have happened on the superior council before. Councilor Brent Fennessey was a councilor when his father, Tom Fennessey, was on the council.

Paine told the Telegram he would have also vetoed a censure vote against Councilor Craig Sutherland if Van Sickle would have moved forward with that resolution and if the council would have passed it.

Meanwhile, coming up on Tuesday at the council meeting, councilors could vote to overturn Mayor Paine’s veto.

They would need seven votes to make that happen.

Mayor Paine released a statement to FOX 21 Monday:

‚ÄúThis issue is over. It’s time for the Council to move on and get back to serving the City of Superior.”

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