Keeping Fido Calm During Fourth Festivities

A Place for Fido Offers a Variety of Products to Help Keep Animals Calm During Stressful Situations

DULUTH, Minn. – Anxiety medications are flying out the doors of local veterinary clinics and hospitals this week along with other treats, toys, and materials used to keep animals calm as humans prepare to blast off fireworks to celebrate independence.

“We do get a lot of anxiety ridden dogs that come in this time of year,” said Jamie Parent, Owner of A Place for Fido in the Fitger’s complex.

For fans of the fourth of July, it’s time to let loose, relax, and blow off some steam.

“I think pet owners don’t always think about what if,” said Dr. Robert McClellan, Medical Director at Superior Animal Hospital.

For the furry friends in our lives, it can be a time to run, hide, and escape fireworks and fear.

“We’re doing a lot of little mini prescriptions this week and coaching for pet owners,” said McClellan. “Pets should be indoors if you’re lighting off fireworks.”

So far this week, he says it’s all about prevention and education for pet owners.

“We’re allowed to be a little crazy on that day and do things that wouldn’t always involve common sense,” said McClellan.

As humans light up the night sky, he says it’s critical to think and plan ahead so your pets are prepared to have a relaxing Independence Day.

“We get so focused when you’re lighting off fireworks on what’s going on that we might forget about the pets that are there,” said McClellan.

Many Northlanders are thinking ahead this year, booking spots at local boarding facilities over the extended weekend.

“We do have dogs and cats that board over the fourth of July just to get them out of a noisy neighborhood,” said McClellan.

“A lot of dogs respond really well to it. It’s something that takes time. It’s not something that’s going to work instantly,” said Parent. “Other ones we have out are calming treats. Some that is completely natural.”

Products Parent keeps on hand to help ease anxiety such as the popular Thunder Shirt are hot commodities this time of year.

“Any kind of a puzzle toy is really good for them. It’s great to freeze products in them; either yogurts or peanut butter that’s safe for them. It gives them something to do, keeps their mind off what’s going on outside,” said Parent.

Folks looking for a more natural solution will also be able to find it at A Place for Fido.

“We also have the CBD products now that have chamomile in them which is soothing, we also have honey that has CBD in it as well to help relax them,” said Parent.

The local pet store also wants to remind pet owner to use a secure leash with a metal buckle if your pet is around large crowds.

Parent says it’s important to have proper identification on the collar, such as a temporary luggage tag.

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