Hill City Fourth of July Festival

A small town most days, but come Fourth of July weekend, crowds exceed 5,000.

HILL CITY, Minn.- The Fourth of July may be over, but that isn’t stopping one small town in Minnesota from keeping the festivities going.

All ages made the most of the Fourth of July long weekend, as Hill City continued it’s holiday celebration from yesterday.

From kids using the water slide to keep cool, to others testing their aim to hit the target on the dunk tank, Hill City residents use this as a way to show off their town.

“It’s kind of our identity. If you are ever here for Fourth of July you try and come back. People love it. They come from all over, everywhere, and different states”, said Bill Klennert, festival organizer.

One group of kids checking out the flea market from the Twin Cities says you don’t get this kind of event in a big city.

“It’s pretty cool. I like seeing the different things people can make like when they are from different areas”, said Samantha Wolberson.

Along with the water slide, large bounce houses were there for both parents and kids to enjoy.

“Mom’s love it because after five or six hours in those bounce houses, they are ready for bed”, said Klennert.

A family event like this brings people together, and for one organizer it’s extra personal.

“Some of the kids I graduated with one hundred years ago come back and we just get to be us for a little while”, said Klennert.

It’s a small city for most, but come Fourth of July it’s the place to be.

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