Planter’s Nutmobile Visits Bayfront Country Jam

The 26-foot-long Nutmobile is on an east to west countrywide tour.

DULUTH, Minn. – Planter’s Nutmobile is spending some time in the Northland this week and Friday it visited the first ever Bayfront Country Jam.

The 26 foot long Nutmobile is on an East to West countrywide nut cracking tour promoting the brand and allowing people to meet the famous Mr. Peanut.

“We’re here at the Bayfront Country Festival just to have Mr. Peanut interact with all of his fans. When he’s there for you during crunch time whether that be music snacking or whenever you need him the most he’s always there for you. So we felt that here in Duluth would be a great time to have him,” said Matthew Reitman, who’s a Planter’s Peanuter traveling in the Nutmobile.

Fans of the Nutmobile were given a chance to win nutty gifts and try different flavors of Planter’s peanuts.

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