Battle is On at Superior Paintball’s Junkyard Paintball

A look inside the battlefield over at Superior Paintball

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Combine capture the flag, and paintball, and throw it in a junkyard. That’s what dozens of paintballers got to experience at Superior Paintball Saturday.

Once the whistle blows to begin the round, you better keep an eye out for your opponent and hope your aim is on target.

Players use bunkers to shield themselves, or even crawl on the ground to remain hidden and snip opponents.

To score a point, teams have to reach the center of the battlefield to flip over a piece of wood so their color is on top. From beginners to experienced vets, all came out on the paintball gridiron.

“You can have kids that are ten years old, you can have grandfather’s that are seventy-seventy five years old come out”, said Jeff Olson, field organizer.

One of the players there Saturday, even got to relieve some childhood memories.

“When I was a child, it was one of my favorite sports to do. I did it all the time. We had all kinds of stuff at my parents house”, said Don Ronkainen.

As for the gear players use in battle, most say it dwindles down to what is most comfortable to them.

“It’s just all kind of your preference. What you like and I like to be able to carry some extra paint, I want to not have air in my guns. I want it a little more millson, more military like”, said Ronkainen.

Paintball brings all sorts of people together, and for some, it’s even become a family tradition.

“We use to have some families come out for actually family reunions and they would do that as a yearly thing and they would get forty or fifty of them out here and that was really neat to see”, said Olson.

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