Duluth Firefighters Save Young Deer Trapped in Fence

Firefighters helped the fawn escape.

DULUTH, Minn.- “Bambi” was spotted on the UMD campus and needed a little help from Duluth Fire Department.

The fawn was found trapped in a fence.

College police called the fire department to assist in letting the baby deer free.

Firefighters said they could see how scared the animal was, but it was an easy call to take care of.

“Knelt down next to it. I think it was pretty tired and I was able to just hold on to it and keep it calm and then we just slid it right through where it came from,” firefighter Tom Simmonds said.

Fire staff say they’ll always respond to a call to help an animal in distress if time permits, so people should not be afraid to reach out if they see one in need.

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