Five Nights of Bayfront Boosts Business in Canal Park

Restaurants and Hotels experiencing an increase in sales as concert-goers flock after shows.

DULUTH, Minn.- All the events at Bayfront the last few days have been lucrative for Canal Park businesses.

The staff at 310 pub tells us even though they’ve been working through the concerts, they enjoy hearing stories about the shows from customers who come in afterward for a drink.

“Business is booming we definitely had quite a lot of business with Trampled, 4th of July, it brings a lot of tourists out, everyone’s going to see the concerts,” said Julie Elliott, server and bartender at 310.

“People tell me how awesome the concert is, and then they come and order beer and they tip really well ’cause they’re really happy.”

“Hotels are also getting a boost as some people travel from outside Duluth to attend the concerts.”

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