Meet the Huskies: Danny Zimmerman

For this week's segment, we feature a Duluth infielder who's using his experience cheering on his team in Omaha as motivation for this season.

DULUTH, Minn. – After not playing for the Michigan Wolverines last season, Danny Zimmerman is looking forward to more playing time and more at-bats with the huskies this summer.

“For me, it was all about playing in all of these games, playing every day, and just getting a lot of at bats and a lot of defensive reps and getting ready for the next season at school,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman’s Wolverines made it to the College World Series finals, falling just short to Vanderbilt for the championship. Although Zimmerman was already playing for Duluth, he had the chance to go to Omaha to cheer on his team.

“It was an amazing experience. I hope we can go back again next year and do it again but it was just such a great atmosphere and all the people, to see all of the Michigan fans and all of my brothers on my baseball team doing well, it was amazing,” Zimmerman added.

The Wolverines were a surprise to make it to Omaha, getting past the No. 1 seeded team to make it there, and Zimmerman said that his new teammates were just as excited for him.

“I didn’t even need to check because everybody else was letting me know what was going on for me. They were rooting for them, I was rooting for them,” Zimmerman said of the Huskies.

Michigan’s run to the final has motivated Zimmerman to put in the work now and see the results next spring back in Ann Arbor.

“I’ve changed my swing a little bit, and I’m just trying to hit the ball hard and consistently, hit it hard and straight and keep doing that and keep working the same thing that I’ve been doing,” Zimmerman said.

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