$7 Million Allocated to Workforce Development Scholarship Program in Minnesota

Students at Minnesota state colleges and universities are eligible for scholarships up to $2,500.

DULUTH, Minn.- Seven million dollars will be making its way into the pockets of over 600 college students in Minnesota over the next two years.

It’s part of the workforce development scholarship program, the Minnesota state chancellor Devinder Malhotra, on behalf of Gov. Tim Walz, is making stops at colleges and universities in the program this week, including Lake Superior College in Duluth, to share how these scholarships will help the next generation.

“We have 65 thousand students enrolled in our colleges and universities who come from communities of color or are of native origin, 80 thousand students who are of low–income and that’s where these scholarships will come in handy,” Malhotra said.

The scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing careers in high demand fields like manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and early childhood education.

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