Out with the “Old” Cooper Elementary School, in With the “New”

The old Cooper Elementary School is torn down.

SUPERIOR, Wis.-┬áStudents and teachers in Superior can finally look forward to the next chapter in the “new” Cooper Elementary now that the “old” Cooper has been torn down.

Construction crews spent the day demolishing the old school’s location, clearing debris to make room for a playground and parking lot.

The new school was supposed to open last Fall, but that was delayed to this fall after a fire and explosion destroyed parts of the interior in April 2018.

Incoming 5th grader Adrian Cunningham lives right across the street. He says he’s excited to have a new start in a nicer building.

“Well I’m going to miss it, it’s an awesome school, but I’m happy that we get to go there because it’s way bigger, the gym’s going to be bigger for all of us in the class and everything is going to be improved. So I’m happy for that but it’s kind of sad to see the old school go,” Cunningham said.

The new playground is expected to be installed the beginning of August. The whole project by August 26.

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