USWNT Inspires Northland Youth Girls Soccer

Local soccer players are feeling inspired and motivated after watching the U.S. Women's National Team win back-to-back Women's World Cup titles.

DULUTH, Minn. – Soccer is on the rise here in the United States and a huge reason for that is the U.S. Women’s National Team and their back-to-back Women’s World Cup titles.

“I was screaming at the TV a lot. I really wanted them to win and then I started crying because I wanted them to win, and then they did, and I cried some more,” Denfeld Vipers forward Caddy Taylor said.

“It’s cool because not a lot of people pay attention to girls soccer or girls activities until it’s a thing. So to see them win four times, it’s super big, and especially for our country,” Denfeld Vipers forward Margaret Duncan said.

Here in the Twin Ports, many youth soccer teams are feeling the impact of the win. And now. the Duluth Denfeld Under-15 team is just one of the many local teams feeling inspired by what these women did.

“It makes it more exciting for them. They learn so much from watching the game and then I get to tell them, hey watch your positions and see how they play. They learn more from that than they do from me,” Denfeld Vipers head coach Mark Wirth said.

“It was a really cool thing to watch. Watching my position was a really good thing and I could see how they played and I could play more like them,” Denfeld Vipers defender Jada Hollinday said.

As well as getting the chance to learn from the players that they look up to.

“My favorite player is Alex Morgan. She’s just super inspirational, watching all of her interviews all of the time. It just meant the world. I feel like I’ve gotten better as a player watching the girls through the world cup season,” Taylor said.

“[My favorite player is] Alex Morgan because she’s super big but she scores a lot of goals and she’s just a good player to look up to,” Duncan added.

Not only has the U.S. Women’s National Team win inspired the next generation of youth girls soccer players, they’ve inspired soccer players of all ages, and even some coaches are feeling inspired by these women.

“I just believe they’re an inspiration to every girl on my team, they’re an inspiration to me. Watching more kids love this sport is a great thing for me,” Wirth said.

“I think it’s a really good motivator for a lot of local teams. Soccer’s a big thing and I know for a lot of girls it’s a big thing for as well in their lives. So I think having influences and people to look up to on the U.S team, it’s a big motivator for them as well,” St. Scholastica women’s soccer captain Lexie DeWall said.

“Our women are passionate about what those women are doing. They’re going to be excited, any year there’s a world cup, there seems to be a little more electricity around the game in general. So I know it’s a motivator for our girls so I know that when we get going in August, coming off of a world cup win, our players are going to be really excited about stepping on the field and trying to win their own titles,” St. Scholastica women’s soccer head coach David Reyelts said.

And now, the U.S. Women’s National Team is continuing to inspire girls all over, growing the sport and proving that anyone can accomplish anything they want to.

“I think it says a lot because it shows that woman can do a lot more than people think and that woman can do anything they want in their life,” Denfeld Vipers midfielder Anna Foldesi said.

“I think they’re an inspiration for any girl that plays any sport, soccer especially, but just to be able to go out there and do the things that the U.S. women have done is an amazing thing, for this country and for the women in this country, especially the young girls,” Wirth added.

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