Superior’s Old Town Bar Gets Demolished

What use to be filled with memories is now just a pile of rubble

SUPERIOR, Wis.- A building that was home to a well-known Superior business for decades is now being torn down. That building has been vacant since 2013, but used to be the Old Town Bar.

What used to be a memory filled bar and restaurant in the heart of Downtown Superior is now just rubble.

The building was beyond repairs. The inside was damp, the roof was falling apart, and Tuesday it all came crashing down.

“I believe everybody here actually ate at this building. We use to eat here all the time with my kids grandpa”, said Gary Brett, Operator for Stack Brothers Mechanical.

The building had been here for so long, some are sad to see it go.

“My opinion, it’s another building that Superior has torn down. Everybody is saying it’s like historical and it meant a lot to a lot of people. I just seems weird to tear something down that has been here this many years”, said Brett.

There is no timetable for redeveloping the side but moving some chairs, tables, and the Old Town Bar sign inside the near Thirsty Pagan will help keep the history of the Old Town Bar alive.

“It just says you are kind of looking out for the regulars that were here, and some of the old timers that were in town. You are showing Superior we know it’s coming down, but we are going to try and use what we can”, said Brett.

The demolition crew plans to have the building debris gone and the lot clear by Thursday.

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