Mont Du Lac Working on New Improvements

A multi-million dollar plan is underway and expected to be done by Bowfest

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Mont Du Lac resort is often associated with winter and downhill skiing, but this summer crews have been working to add many new summer amenities just in time for their annual archery event Bowfest.

Three major projects are currently underway including new log cabins, a brand new 20 spot r-v park, as well as a bay restoration all designed to attract big summer crowds.

“We haven’t had a lot of great winters over the past few years so it’s important to us and our survival here to open the doors to more months of the year and summer is a great way to do it,” said Mike O’Hara the project manager of Mont Du Lac resort.

A highlight of the work being done is the bay restoration.

Bay access to the St. Louis River used to be easily reachable from the Mont Du Lac property, but flooding and landslides in 2012 took that away.

Now, with the help of the DNR and the Army Corps of Engineers, it is being restored to its former glory.

“Everything is just going to be restored back to exactly the way it looked you’ll have less erosion going into the water because of the control measures we put in a lot more grass and things like that so we think that it’s going to be well received,” said O’Hara.

Not only will the restoration be environmentally beneficial but it will give guests water access to enjoy the St. Louis River Bay and let boaters pull up and enjoy the resort.

“Will allow small boats and watercraft to reach the property here, use the docks, launch kayaks and canoes and be part of the waterfront trail when they finish all of that work,”said O’Hara.

In total the property will now include 16 cabins, 20 r-v spots, and is expected to be completed in time for thousands of archers and country music lovers to visit in a few weeks for Bowfest.

“Bowfest is going to be the largest outdoor archery event in the area along with a lot of live music great food. We have two fantastic performers headlining our Friday and Satuday night festivities Clint Black and Clay Walker on Saturday night,” said O’Hara.

The improvements are large-scale over at Mont Du Lac they are also working to make sure the things they do are environmentally conscious and will allow people to enjoy the views of Mont Du Lac no matter the season.

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