Strawberry Picking Kicks off for the Season

Dozens of berry lovers are out picking Spectrum Farm Strawberries on the first day of the season.

CARLTON, Minn. – Strawberry picking season is finally underway at Spectrum Farm Strawberries in Carlton.

The season is starting about a week late this year due to inclement weather in the spring, and on Wednesday, they finally opened for the public to pick the berries.

“They are fabulous right out of the field they are sweet they are juicy they feel like summer,” said co-owner and farmer Steve Scholstrom.

Scholstrom says Northern Minnesota is ideal for growing the sweet fruit.

“You don’t have a lot of the problems, pests, diseases that you would have in the southern part of the state. It’s just plain too cold. On one hand I’m upset because it’s cold and the other hand I’m happy that it’s cold. I’m a farmer I’m never happy,” said Scholstrom.

Strawberry lovers were out by the dozens filling buckets and teaching their children how to find the best berries.

“I just really enjoy getting my kids out there having them walk through and get a chance to experience the farming life in the city they don’t get the outdoor stuff like I grew up with so it’s kind of just a good chance to explore and walk around,” said Kevin Cronen of Moorhead who was there with his three children.

Scholstrom says strawberries are the toughest crop he grows, but he loves the fruit so he is happy to keep the picking tradition alive.

He also says his favorite way to eat the fruit is right out of the ground.

“First thing in the morning when I go out to check the strawberries and there’s a little bit of dew and the sun is coming over the horizon and I pick the perfect strawberry and pop it my mouth that’s my favorite strawberry,” said Scholstrom.

The picking season is usually expected to go about 21 days, but as farming and weather can be so predictable, anyone interested should make plans soon to head out to Carlton.

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