Superior Hiking Trail Receives Large Donation

Whole Foods Co-op made the communities largest ever donation to Superior Hiking Trail Association

DULUTH, Minn.- Whole Foods Co-op made the communities largest ever donation to the Superior Hiking Trail Association.

$17,000 was raised through the co-op’s program, where customer’s rounded up their bill with the extra change going toward the fundraiser.

The money will go towards sprucing up trails at Brewer Park and at Spirit Mountain.

“So the trail was initially built 10–12 years ago through the city of Duluth and both of those areas there is a lot of water and erosion because they are kind of on steep hillsides so those were two projects that will allow us to move the trail to a place that is drier and perhaps more sustainable for long term”, said Jaron Cramer, Development & Communications Manager for Superior Hiking Trail.

27,000 customers helped raised the money, something that co-op staffers were not surprised at considering how dedicated their customers are to the community.

“It is why the co–op exists. It’s about yes we are a grocery store that provides beautiful local produce but what we are is a hub for our community to get together and give back to our community”, said Hillary Heinz, Marketing Manager at Whole Foods Co-op.

In 2019, Whole Foods has already donated more than $60,000 to a variety of charities around the region.


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