Three Convicted Sex Offenders to be Released in Superior

All three men will live at the Transitional Living Place at 1620 North 16th Street

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Three registered sex offenders will be released in Superior over the next three weeks.

All three men will live at a halfway house near the Superior Public Library.

The State of Wisconsin issued a Special Bulletin Notice for two of the three offenders, meaning they have some extremely serious convictions, including violations when they’ve been released in the past.

Those two offenders are required to be on lifetime GPS tracking.

One of the Special Bulletin Notice offenders, 43-year-old Phillip Bacon, will be released on July 19th.

He was convicted of false imprisonment. The victim in the incident was a juvenile acquaintance.

Bacon has also been convicted of various other non-sexual crimes.

The other Special Bulletin Notice offender, 28-year-old Stevin Metzig, will be released on July 23rd.

He was twice convicted of sexual assault of a child. The victim in those cases was a juvenile female relative.

The third offender, 40-year-old Michael Garcia, will be released on July 23rd.

He was convicted of sexual assault of a child and for a lewd act with a child.

The Superior Police Department held a meeting Wednesday night to inform the community about the offenders.

“If they see anything that they think needs law enforcement to react to, we want them to call 911. It’s also important for them to know who is in their community as far as sex offenders go, where they’ll be living,” said Superior Police Assistant Chief, Matthew Markon.

All three offenders will live at the Transitional Living Place, a halfway house at 1620 North 16th Street.

They can stay there for up to ninety days while they find jobs and housing.

The Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry can be viewed online.

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