A Better Understanding Of Wild Rice

Four students from around the country are collecting samples to see all the reactions sediments have on wild rice

DULUTH, Minn.- Four students from around the country were at UMD pulling out water samplers to understand the sediment chemistry that wild rice grows in.

Two weeks ago, the students put those samplers into a large tub of water in hopes to find out all the different reactions the sediment has on the growth of wild rice.

The head of this research, says having students from around the country offers different viewpoints on how they would like to conduct the research.

“They have ideas that I haven’t necessarily thought of before, and I think that makes for a really collaborative learning environment”, said Sophie Lafond-Hudson, a UMD Grad Student.

One student in particular attending Oklahoma State says he never thought he would be able to do something like this.

“I am still just absolutely ecstatic about it, and honestly I don’t believe it. I told them when I got here it had to had been a clerical mistake. There is no way I got this job, but I did and they chose me and I consider myself very lucky”, said Gage Clark, Junior at Oklahoma State.

Students will take research from today to the labs of UMD and hope to have a better understanding of the sediments wild rice grows in.

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