Farmer For A Day In Proctor

The South Saint Louis County Fair offers kids an in-depth perspective on how a farmers day goes

DULUTH, Minn.- The South Saint Louis County Fair has kicked off in Proctor, offering up multiple programs for kids including getting the chance to be a farmer for a day.

Kids get to milk a cow, pick potatoes, collect apples from a tree, and even grab eggs from a hen at the festival.

Veteran farmers running the event, say the program allows them to experience the joys of farming from a kids perspective.

“I did this as a kid too. I go to county fairs all the time. Having older kids show their love for us younger kids too, I am happy to give back and have them have fun today too”, said Ella Magnuson, a student at Esko.

The fair runs until Sunday at the Proctor Fairgrounds.

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