Minnesotan Prepares for His First Hurricane in New Orleans

Graham Hakala shows us his new city and shares photos of recent flooding in the French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS – Graham Hakala is from the Iron Range. He also lived in Duluth for years. And now, he’s preparing to experience his first hurricane after recently moving to New Orleans, Louisiana.

“It’s a beautiful day right now, it’s hot, you can see I’m a Minnesota boy so I’ve got sweat on my everywhere, really,” said Hakala.

But that weather is deceiving. Hakala sent us photos from earlier this week of significant flooding in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

“It sounds like a pretty serious event coming our way, something that we should be concerned about, we’ve just got to cross our fingers and hope everything works as it should,” said Hakala.

He tells us the storm itself isn’t what he and his neighbors are most worried about. What’s more concerning is the potential of the Mississippi rising even highter and flooding much of the city.

“The Mississippi River is about a hundred yards that way over there, and then if you kind of spin behind me right here, that’s the French Quarter, kind of the famous New Orleans neighborhood there. I live right down that street, right there,” explained Hakala.”

He says preparing for a hurricane is not the same as getting ready for a Minnesota blizzard because hurricanes pack the potential for much more infrastructure damage.

“You’ve got to make sure that you have enough supplies were there to be power outages, you need enough water, you need enough food to last you as long as – you don’t really know how long,” he said.

Hakala isn’t planning to leave the city. He’ll stay, watching first-hand how weather can impact his new home.

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