Duluth Rowing Club Celebrates New Rowing Center

$1.5 million facility has storage space for 50-70 boats

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Rowing Club is celebrating the completion of their new $1.5 million rowing center on Park Point.

The two new buildings have storage space for fifty to seventy boats and locker rooms and showers for men and women.

Rowing Club members hope the new facility welcomes in a new generation of rowers.

“In many sports, if you don’t start at five, six, seven years old and you say you wanted to start at twelve years old or thirteen years old, you’re already five, six, seven years behind those other kids,” said past Rowing Club president, Tom Rauschenfels. “Here, if a kid starts at thirteen, everybody else is starting at thirteen, so everyone moves at a progression that’s somewhat predictable.”

On Saturday, the Rowing Club is hosting their biggest annual regatta.

Three hundred to four hundred athletes will be participating this year.

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