Fourth of July Festivities Causes Vandalism To Wisconsin Boardwalk

The $1.4 million dollar restoration project in Wisconsin is now being delayed due to vandalism

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The Wisconsin Point restoration project is a $1.4 million dollar plan. But recently, the project has faced delays because public vandalism.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, damage from fireworks caused this large hold in the middle of the bran new boardwalk near the beach.

Around five boards and runners were damaged from the misuse of fireworks but officials knew damage like this is avoidable.

“Use common sense. Don’t light off fireworks on the boardwalk, don’t light fires on the boardwalk. You are causing destruction to all of our property, our taxpayers property and also you are working against our overall image of trying to enhance the area and make it a special place for our kids, our grand kids, and generations to come”, said Linda Cadotte, Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry, City of Superior.

However, the boardwalk wasn’t the only thing damaged during the Fourth of July festivities. People parked on restoration areas tearing up the ground, and even no parking signs were snapped in half because of people trying to park there.

City leaders are now asking the public to be cautious of where you are parking and walking out on the point.

“We are asking people to of course respect the plantings, even if you can’t see them. If there is hay down, if there is fencing that’s to say please use the boardwalks so we can help keep this place beautiful”, said Cadotte.

There is no timetable on when this hole on the boardwalk will be fixed.

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