Kids Show Off Their Own Robots After Week Long Camp

Northland elementary students showed off their unique robots Friday morning

DULUTH, Minn.- On Monday, Northland elementary students began their quest to build a robot to conquer the Duluth East Daredevils course.

And Friday, in front of their family members, they got to show off all their hard work.

In groups of two and three, they built a robot that would follow a line, go over a bridge, and even through obstacles.

Daredevil members say a camp like this allows kids to venture out more than a basketball or football camp.

“You always hear about sports and things like that and so kids always assume I either have to do sports and there’s nothing else. And you have robotics were you can learn about many different things like you can learn programming, or building electronics and it’s just really cool to watch these kids learn about it”, said Sunna Mujteba, Daredevil team co-captain.

This was the second robot camp the Daredevils held this year.

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