66th Annual Rodeo Parade Marches Through Spooner

The parade is a crowd favorite during the Spooner Rodeo

SPOONER, Wis.- Saturday was the final day of the 66th annual Spooner Rodeo in Wisconsin. It’s the longest running pro–rodeo event in the world, bringing in thousands for horseback riding and country music.

The Spooner Rodeo ropes in roughly 30 thousand people a year to a city that normally holds 3 thousand.

“There are cowboys and cowgirls and rodeo fans from all 50 states that know about Spooner, Wisconsin,” pro-rodeo announcer Kelly Kenney.

You can spot cowboy boots, spurs and hats on fans cheering on horseback riders left and right.

And at the parade, there’s something for everyone.

“In all due respect to the parade, it’s not the parade. It’s the chemistry of of the Spooner Rodeo. It’s this weekend in July that happens and they will not miss it,” Kenney said.

Gary Sawall travels from Southern Wisconsin to see the parade every year. His favorite part the flags at the beginning and knowing how much work goes into organizing the event.

“There’s people behind the scenes that don’t get the recognition they should have that put this together and keep it together,” Sawall said.

A crowd favorite is the Spooner High School Alumni Band.

93 people ages 30 to 72 marched in the parade, playing the Spooner Victory march loud and proud.

“The greatest part of it is so many of the kids came from all over the country,” band director Joe Fitzgerals said.

Fitzgerald thinks the alumni marching band is a special addition to the rodeo parade because of how many people it brings together.

“We hope the tradition keeps on. This was my last one,” Fitzgerald said.

Kenney says he’s just happy to be a part of it.

“That’s the only thing I’m absolutely for sure about is this event people will not miss and i’m glad to be a part of it,” Kenney said.

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