Duluth Rowing Club Hosts 61st Annual Regatta

The Duluth Rowing Club finished fourth out of the eight team field.

DULUTH, Minn. – Over 400 rowers from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Canda traveled to Duluth for the 61st annual Duluth International Regatta. The regatta featured 29 events, which was the largest regatta in Duluth’s recent history.

The Duluth Rowing Club had nearly 100 rowers participating in different events, with some competing in their first race while some are seasoned veterans.

“It’s really fun to see the new racers kind of get the hang of it and just be a part of it. Anywhere from handing them ores to just teaching them ‘oh you have to tap it,’ or something like that, it’s just really fun,” fourth-year rower Maj-lis Helmer said.

“The experienced kids to go out there and really have a good, hard race and row well and figure out what goes really well for them so they can take that back and learn from that to prepare for that in the next races. For the new racers it’s more about learning than it is about us worrying about fast rowing,” head coach Bonnine Fuller-Kask added.

The Duluth Rowing Club took home fourth place in the field of eight teams. They finished first in men’s masters quad, junior men’s 8, junior men’s 4, mixed masters quad, masters men’s double and masters women’s 4.

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