Taste of Duluth Takes Hundreds Around the World of Food

Event showcases food from variety of different cultures, including Amish.

DULUTH, Minn.- There’s only one place and one time of year where you can take a trip around the world without leaving Duluth: when Taste of Duluth comes to Bayfront Festival Park.

The sounds, sights, smells and above all tastes embraces people into each of the different cultures represented at this year’s Taste of Duluth.

“Well y’know we’ve got Italian food, we’ve got some German food, we’ve got Asian food, we’ve got Greek food,” said organizer and President of the Lundeen Group LLC, Tracy Lundeen.

“And this is really who we are as a community, all these ethnic backgrounds and it’s just kind of cool to celebrate it.”

A portion of this year’s proceeds benefited the Bluebird Foundation, a non-profit that awards grants and scholarships to high schoolers in the performing arts.

This year features 30% more vendors, the most Taste has ever had.

This includes old favorites and some new hits, like Amish Annie’s Donuts, bringing a twist on an old treat–perfected by the Amish community.

“We got invited into one of the houses of the Amish families,” said owner Karen Olson.
“And she taught me with her daughters how they make several different desserts but donuts specifically one of them.”

Throughout the day people ask about their name, and as she explains, Olson ensures that they are in no way stealing any ideas or recipes.

“We value everything they do. Again, they encourage us to do it, they like it, they follow up with us to find out how we’re doing.”

The monstrous, fried and glazed donuts topped up with your choice of filling in the middle, along with homemade Amish jams right next door, have made the business a staple at this year’s Taste of Duluth.

And Olson said, hopefully for many more Tastes to come.

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