Construction Season Continues in Duluth and Hermantown

Two intersections in Duluth and two stretches of road in Hermantown began roadwork Monday.

DULUTH, Minn.- Construction work is well underway this summer in the Northland, and Monday two new projects just started.

Crews began work on one residential intersection in Duluth, and two parts of Maple Grove Road in Hermantown.

At the intersection of 26th Avenue East and Jefferson Street in Duluth, crews will reconstruct pedestrian ramps to ADA standards and partially replace the pavement.

Jennifer Engel, who lives in the corner house right next to the intersection with her family of five kids, says they’re not too bothered.

“Y’know ,nap-times are affected but it is what it is,” Engel said. “Actually we don’t mind, it needs to get done and everyone has to live through it and we’ll figure a way around it.”

“You can’t complain about the potholes then not be willing to live through the construction.”

Another intersection, 24th Avenue East and Kent Road between Woodland Avenue and East 4th Street will begin work next Monday, July 22nd.

Meanwhile, up the hill on Maple Grove Road the stretch between Midway and Westberg Roads will be repaved, adding new curbs, gutters, and sidewalk.

Between Stebner Park and Stebner Road pedestrian access will be improved, including adding a new eight-foot wide sidewalk.

The cost of the improvements is $4.5 million.

Maple Grove will remain open, just with a portion turned to gravel through July and Late August. The first Duluth intersection will be closed to traffic for four weeks, the second for about six.

This confirms the old adage that the Midwest has two seasons–winter, and construction.

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