Knowing Your Neighbor: Tugboat the Pier B Ambassador

He's the resort dog who is 15 months old and full of love.

DULUTH, Minn. – Pier B is known for its fantastic views of Lake Superior and the Twin Ports, but inside the doors is Tugboat.

He’s the resort dog who is 15 months old and full of love.

“Who doesn’t want to get check in by big brown eyes and a wagging tail,” said his owner and the director of operations at Pier B, Nikki Anderson.

Tugboat is known as the Pier B Ambassador and after nearly a year on the job, he is becoming comfortable as one of Pier B’s most popular employees.

“He’s fifteen months old, he is our resort greeter and he also is our goose chaser so he actually we use him to keep geese off the lot which has been working really well. Otherwise he just hangs out in the lobby and makes friends every day when he’s checking people in and checking people out,” said Anderson.

Tug can be found at check-in meeting people an dshowing off some of his many tricks including chasing shadows which seems to be his favorite.

“He can do high five, shake, he chases things that aren’t there but that’s kind of his quirk that everyone loves the most. He can crawl, heal, places and stays in his place and chases geese really well,” said Anderson.

Tug is a British Lab, a breed known for their calm and friendly personality and his owner says his geese-chasing skills are pretty good too.

“He knows when we’re getting in the car and I say where are the geese he knows that we are going to go chase and this just means to him running really fast at something and then getting in the water but it’s been working and we’ve probably dropped our goose problem by 70%,” says Anderson.

Tug stays really busy with his full time position as the official greeter and goose-chaser at the resort, but it is a job he seems to really enjoy.

“He just has a big heart and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He’s just a happy go lucky guy that doesn’t have a bother in the world,” says Anderson.


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