Navy Band Connecting to Twin Ports Community Through Music

DULUTH, Minn. – The U.S. Navy is on a mission to build a stronger bond with communities across the country. On day one of navy week in Duluth the Navy Band is connecting to the community through music.

The City of Duluth received a special treat thanks to the U.S. Navy Band.

Parked in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Canal Park visitors couldn’t help but stop to hear some tunes from the band on a beautiful warm day in July.

“We are super excited. This is the reason why we came down. We saw in the paper it is Navy Week and that the sailors would be performing so we came down specifically to listen to the band and have a snack,” said Rita Hookstead.

Duluth is one of 14 cities across the U.S.  hosting a 2019 Navy Week.

The Navy recognizes not every community can have the privilege of engaging with the sailors as often as others do.

But while on their journey they hoping to give a sense of security, even if it is through music.

“Our primary job as musicians and entertainers is to go out there and do something that all people can relate to which is music that helps us all to find a middle ground and communicate,” said Sailor Victor Martinez.

One visitor from Minneapolis says the Navy’s presence in local communities is reassuring.

“It makes you proud to be an American because now you don’t have that anymore. It’s great,” said Anne Henly.

The crowds of listeners is helping confirm the navy is on the right path to building a better bond with local communities.

The navy band will be performing in various locations throughout Duluth for the entire week.

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