Tips To Avoid Extreme Heat This Week

The heat and humidity will remain high all week. Duluth Police and Fire offer some tips

DULUTH, Minn.- With the extreme heat and humidity that is lasting through the week, Duluth Police and Fire have tips on how to beat the heat.

Heat indexes in some Northland hometowns almost hit 100 degrees today, and that heat isn’t going away anytime soon.

Expert advice includes checking on your neighbors, and paying special attention to elderly people over 75 years old, also drinking plenty of water and eating smaller meals, preferably cold meals such as salads.

But most importantly, understanding the signs of heat exhaustion.

“Heat stroke is a true emergency and this is when someone’s body temperature is over 104 degrees. You can recognize it by a sudden spike in body temperature or when a person stops sweating”, said Brent Consie, Assistant Chief, Duluth Fire.

As for tips out on the road, make sure you don’t leave any pets or family members in the car at any time because of how dangerous it can get especially for kids.

“On a day where it’s 80 degree, where outside it doesn’t seem overly warm, the inside of the car can heat up to well over 99 to over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes”, said Mike Jambor, Duluth Police Community Officer.

Also, both police and fire officials are advising runners to take it easy so they don’t pass out from heat exhaustion.

Enjoy the nice weather, but do it in a safe matter because the hot temperatures will stick around most of this week.

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