Barker’s Island Beach Reopened After Restoration Work

Beach had some of the worst bacteria levels in the St. Louis River area, officials believe that will improve

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Barker’s Island beach is back open after restoration work.

The Wisconsin DNR found the beach had some of the worst bacteria numbers in the St. Louis River area.

They raised the beach with a proper slope, and brought in coarse sand so it doesn’t hold as much bacteria.

“We really like to see the community be connected with their water using, the resources that this area has to offer, and enjoying it and being safe at the same time,” said Matt Steiger of the Wisconsin DNR.

The $800,000 project took a little over a year to complete.

The city took out asphalt pathways and replaced them with boardwalks, creating what they think is a better looking waterfront.

“It’s a beautiful walk along the boardwalk, it’s a great center swimming area, great for the residents of the community and the visitors who are coming through,” said Linda Cadotte, the city’s Director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry.

The DNR will continue monitoring the bacteria levels at the beach as part of the project.

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