NASA Funded Camp Comes To The Northland

As a celebration of Apollo 11, some Northland students got some in-depth space lessons

CLOQUET, Minn.- On the anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic event, some Northland students spent the day getting some in-depth lessons about space.

Justin Dinger is running a week long space camp in Cloquet. He received an email back in January about hosting a NASA funded event so area kids could do some first hand learning about space.

Dinger, grew up dreaming of one day traveling to the moon. Although that isn’t the case anymore, he says it’s great to offer something different than a normal sport or learning camp during the summer.

“It’s fun to provide this information with the kids. My favorite thing is when they have that light bulb turn on like wow that’s how big something is, or that’s how far away something is”, said Dinger.

The kids at the camp are learning about space craft safety design, how far each planet is away from the sun, and even presenting a group spacecraft design they are putting together at the end of the week.

To make the camp even more unique, NASA will actually use the designs the kids create to help them down the road.

“We shouldn’t be leading them, we should be providing the materials and information and the kids should be making the discoveries on their own”, said Dinger.

It’s still unclear if NASA will fund the camp again, but Dinger is definitely hoping to host the camp again next summer.

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