Officials, Citizens Share Thoughts on Future of Lester Park Golf

Community Listening Session Held in Lester Park pavilion.

DULUTH, Minn.- City officials met with concerned citizens in Lester Park Tuesday to hear more feedback on the fate of Duluth’s Public Lester Park Golf Course.

This comes after the council voted in may to potentially use part of the Lester and Enger park golf courses for multi family mixed income housing.

The vote means the “Lake Nine” holes will be closed after the 2019 season — making the total number of holes at 18 at Lester park.

50 acres of the golf course could also potentially be used to make way for multi–family housing with an affordable component.

“If we can get some mixed in housing here in Lakeside, one advantage I see is that young college kids who want to move back to Duluth might be able to find an apartment or even a first home they can afford right here in the first district,” said First District City Councilor Gary Anderson.

Meanwhile members of the group Keep Lester Green argue that even if the golf course is struggling, it can and should be looked at for other public purposes, and not forfeited for affordable housing.

“This isn’t the right spot for it and that we shouldn’t be selling public parkland to solve a housing problem,” said Ryan Jones-Casey, Core Organizer with Keep Lester Green.

“It could be public land used by an even broader set of folks, we’re just disappointed as a group to see the city trying to solve a golf problem by selling the public land.”

The downsized 18–hole course will operate through the 2022 season, when the city will review its performance.

It could be closed in 2022 if it’s not performing as expected.

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