An Inside Look At A WWII Fighter Plane

With the Duluth Air Show just days away, the B-17 Yankee Lady was on display for media members to go inside of

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Air Show is taking off this weekend, and to help build up some hype, organizers let members of the media get an inside look at one of the planes that will be part of the show.

The B-17 Yankee Lady was flown during World War II, and is just one of nine operational B-17 bombers in the world.

One of the passengers who took a ride in the plane today says it was fascinating to get a little perspective of what it would feel like to be in the skies during World War II.

“It kind of gave you a feeling of what they went through. This was just a 20 minute flight but they were in the air for eight hours”, said Bob Matarelli.

Tickets are still available for the Air Show this weekend, and Thursday night at nine we will have more on the B-17 Media Day.

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