Construction Continues On Woodland Avenue

Businesses and visitors gave some uplifting thoughts when it comes to the heartaches of construction season

DULUTH, Minn.- A two year project to reconstruct a mile of Woodland Avenue and Calvary Road in Duluth is underway.

As construction continues there are some headaches but also a lot of folks excited about the planned improvements.

We caught up with a business and someone visiting who gave some uplifting thoughts on the headaches of construction season.

The project will cost around $11.5 million dollars with the city installing new water and sewer lines along with reconstructing the road. One visitor tells us, she is glad something like this is happening.

“And even though it is an imposition on some people, progress always brings on change for the better in the long run”, said Joan Crawford.

Sammy’s Pizza is right in the middle of the construction. One worker there says they have not seen a whole lot of disruption because of the construction.

“I really don’t think that the construction has affected business a whole lot so far. I honestly think that maybe it’s brought us a little bit of business. I think I see a lot of those guys coming in to eat lunch”, said Reba Nomeland.

As for trying to get around the congestion on Woodland, detour routes are marked and signs have been posted to direct traffic to local businesses with construction expected to last until October.

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