USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul to be Commissioned in Duluth

The ship will then sail the world with the name Minneapolis-Saint Paul displayed proudly.

DULUTH, Minn. – Mayor Emily Larson and the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy, Jodi Greene were on hand Wednesday morning to announce the commissioning of littoral combat ship USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul will happen in Duluth.

It is rare to commission a ship in a fresh water port. The ship is still being built in Marinette, Wis., and will be docked in Duluth for its commissioning.

The ship will then sail the world with the name Minneapolis-Saint Paul displayed proudly.

“It gives us a great opportunity to be proud of the ship, to be proud that she is carrying Minneapolis–Saint Paul on her side and to be proud of all the sailors from Minnesota who serve in the navy the retirees who live here to recognize all of our veterans for the service they offer,” said Greene.

Some of the sailors now working aboard the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul are also in town for Navy Week.

They appreciate all the gratitude people are showing them.

“Duluthians have been just greeting us with open arms and hugs and smiles. Even walking down the street people will smile and honk and people shouting “my father was in the navy” so it’s good it’s great to feel that and it’s great to be appreciated,” said Lt. Matthew John Latocha, who is a combat systems officer on the new ship.

The day came full circle as Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy Jodi Greene and Mayor Larson gathered at Thomson Hydro Station in Carlton.

Allete and Minnesota Power’s hydro station there was a key player  in the war effort back in WWII.

“This facility in particular is the heart of our hydroelectric system. We relied on that to provide power to our iron range mines who then were producing iron ore that was used to produce the ships tanks and the airplanes during World War II,” said the president of Allete, Bethany Owen.

The day also celebrated Allete and Minnesota Power’s continued dedication to service members as a Yellow Ribbon Company with Navy and other veterans on their staff.

“All of our businesses have celebrated and really supported the individuals who served, veterans, people in active duty service, and especially the families who are left behind to really support them as they move forward,” said Owen.

The Thomson Hydro Station was so important that the Department of Defense required the station to blacken its windows during WWII in case of enemy bombers.

The commissioning of the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul is expected to happen in Duluth in the next year and a half.



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