An Inside Look At A World War II Bomber

We will give you a first hand look inside one of the planes that will be up in the air this weekend

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Air Show is happening this weekend, and we got to go three thousand feet above in a B-17 to see all around Duluth.

“It was just awesome. Pretty much just the way I thought it was going to be. Noisy, you could feel the power, the vibration”, said Bob Matarelli, B-17 rider.

Its not all that often you can say you have flown in a World War II era plane. Well, that was the case as air show organizers let members of the media in on a flight that left us all speechless.

The B-17 Yankee Lady was flown during World War II and is now one of just nine operation B-17 bombers in the world.

This specific B-17 was manufactured back in 1945 in Burbank California, and now is maintained by volunteers who fly it, keep it looking its best, and do it to honor those who fought for our country.

“We use her to honor our veterans and to teach the next generation of the sacrifice our veterans have given”, said Jeff Rule, B-17 Yankee Lady Pilot

Once the plane got up in the air, the view from three thousand feet was spectacular and gave us media members chances to see Duluth in a whole different way.

“It kind of gave you a feeling of what they went through. This was just a 20 minute flight but they were in the air for eight hours”, said Matarelli.

For more information on how to get tickets for this weekend’s Air Show event, click here.

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