First Hand Battlefield Trauma Training

National Guard members from all over the country are in the Northland for trauma simulation exercises

DULUTH, Minn.- National Guard service members are in Duluth for training to ready them for what is out there on the battlefield.

From burns, to assessing wounds, this event hosted at the College of St. Scholastica this week, serves as a way for them to be ready when the travel to war zones overseas.

“My goal is that you develop stronger critical thinkers; you have more comfort with skills. You have those who are comfortable work towards developing mastery”, said Greg White, Assistant Nursing Professor at St. Scholastica.

“The simulation exercises that St. Scholastica has been able to put on for us as you can hear in the background is pretty realistic. So that’s helpful for us because we get a taste of that here before we have to use those capabilities real world”, said Chris Wolf, Lt. Colonel, Minnesota Air National Guard.

The campus will host even more training next week, including how to deal

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