Hockey Legend Mark Sertich Celebrates 98th Birthday

Sertich continues to hold the Guiness World Record as the oldest hockey player in the world.

DULUTH, MINN. – According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Mark Sertich became the oldest hockey player in the world at the age of 95. Three years later, “Sertie” still has the title with no plans on relinquishing it anytime soon.

“Of course it being my birthday I’m think about it a little bit. Otherwise I really don’t have much on my mind during the day. I just take it as it comes and hope that the next day will around too,” said Sertich.

Sertich, who was inducted into the decc athletic hall of fame two months ago, says he has a simple morning routine for those two days a week when he puts on the skates at the Duluth Heritage Ice Arena.

“I get up usually at 5:30 a.m. usually. Get dressed and take care of making the coffee. And then I do my exercises before I go down to play. By that time, it’s ready to get dressed, go to the rink and get on the ice,” Sertich said.

Sertich was joined by several friends and family members to celebrate his 98th birthday. Among them were two of his sons, who brought their kids on the ice so they can play with their grandfather.

“I didn’t start skating until i was about nine or ten so I don’t know how they feel about it at that age. I’m glad to see that they’re interested and it looks like they’re developing really fast. If I stick around for a while, I might be able to get out and watch them in some of these games here,” said Sertich.

As the fun was wrapping up, Sertich was asked what is his secret to living a long, happy life.

“I’ve been asked that a couple times and here’s the answer I gave those people. One of these days, I’m going to sit down and write a book. And then you guys can buy the book and find out,” Sertich said.

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