Babe Ruth Visits Duluth

The Great Bambino was back in Duluth for the first time in 93 years

DULUTH, Minn.- The Great Bambino was back in Duluth today, 93 years after his first visit to the Northland.

Steve Folven, who is a walking encyclopedia goes around the country telling people the effect Babe Ruth had on the game of baseball.

Folven even re-created Ruth’s famous ‘Called Home Run Shot’ from back in 1932. His fondest memory from his last time here is something many do in the Northland.

“I’m 120 years old but I can remember it as clear as day. Coming in, signing the autograph and the next day. What I remember about it the most is we went duck hunting up north. Unbelievably fantastic”, said Folven.

Babe will also make an appearance at tonight’s Duluth Huskies game with the first pitch scheduled for 6:35 p.m.

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