Connecting A Community Through A Kitten

We catch up with those first responders along with the woman fostering "Stormy"

DULUTH, Minn.- Earlier this week, we shared with you the story of a kitten saved from a storm drain by some local fire fighters.

Today, we caught up with those first responders, along with the woman who is fostering the kitten for the time being.

Wednesday night, the Duluth Fire Department responded to an unusual public assists request in a storm drain after three young girls hears some interesting sounds coming out from it.

Little would the girls know, a three week old kitten was crying for help. With the help of a neighbor to call 911, two firefighters from station seven here in Duluth were able to get the kitten would.

But it wasn’t easy. They used food, they used toys, but then their last chance worked out. The noise from a breathing air tank scared the kitten which caused it to run out.

Which brings us to today, where Stormy now has a temporary home from a nearby neighbor who wasted no time in rescuing it.

“We are a very caring compassionate friendly neighborhood, and I’m not surprised . I love the fact that youth got involved in the rescue”, said Rosemary Kenigsberg.

As for the fire department, this isn’t their first rescue like this. Last summer, the same station rescued a duck from a storm drain and are trained for any sort of emergency.

“So we are trained in all different sorts of rescues. Confined space, high angle rescues with ropes. But what it comes down to is using our common sense of how to figure out a problem”, said Andy Beck, Engine 7 Firefighter.

And with how small Stormy is, she was able to finagle her way down the drain, which caused more concern for firefighters.

“Typically we don’t get a great outcome. Cats don’t like to be rescued. We’ve had them in trees and building and they will do everything they can to get away from you. So we hope for the best”, said Jeremy Helm, Engine 7 Firefighter.

Rosemary, who has been rescuing cats for about ten years now, says continuing to do this isn’t for her, but so the cats are ready for a full-time home with a new family.

“If you have an extra bedroom, or a guest bathroom and you are retired or self–employed like I was as a writer, you can do this, and it’s so fulfilling. And you meet such wonderful people”, said Kenigsberg.

Now, Rosemary told us that she will be taking care of Stormy for about another month, making sure she gets the proper shots and socializing her before finding her a forever home.

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